Cam Girl Etiquette

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Whether you’re a new or die-hard fan of camming, there are certain rules of etiquette you need to be the perfect fanboy or even fangirl.

Here’s a short guide—follow these steps and quickly become your camgirl’s favorite.

It’s OK to Make Polite Conversation

This is a great way to get to know your fave cam girls. Sometimes the girls will throw out a random topic like literature. Follow their lead if you can contribute to the conversation or start your own thread. The most important thing is to be respectful. A good rule of thumb is to say hello when you enter their room and engage in chat when appropriate with them. And when you leave, don’t just vanish—make sure to say goodbye.

Send Gifts

Gifts are the way to most women’s hearts. You will definitely go to the front of the line attention-wise. Many have an Amazon Wishlist with exactly what they want. You can start small with some bath bombs or lingerie, or go full-tilt with a Cartier bracelet or new iPhone.

Don’t Ask Them Out on Dates

Yes, we’re actually putting this on the list. It happens quite frequently, even though the fans/viewers generally don’t stand a chance. Your time with your fave cam model is to fulfill a fantasy. Even though a date with her might be a fantasy for many, it’s one of the most irritating questions that they get asked, besides getting asked for their personal information.

No Means No

Most models have a list of things they will do, and many fans ask for something not on the list. These are sometimes referred to as limits. If you’re a regular, she might make an exception for you, but it all depends on the request and her mood. Always respect their rules and limits. And NEVER send unsolicited dick pics. It’s all about basic decency.

Rates Are Set & Generally Not Negotiated

Check out the lists on their camming pages with token amounts. It’s important to review their profile to see what the rate is. This is also referred to as a Model Menu. Honor their set prices and don’t haggle.

Compensate Them in Some Way for Their Time

Never expect anything for free, even if you’re in the free chat. Even a small tip goes a long way to getting a cam model’s attention and building an online friendship. You might not like tipping tokens, but you can join their OnlyFans, join their Pornhub or ManyVids Fan Club. Again, the Amazon Wishlist is also a nice touch.

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